Alternative Physician: Self-preservation Proposal medispasedona com

Hygiene drugs such as hand washing are more effective than flu vaccines.”

Andre Ismoritz, an alternative medicine expert like Aurwedin and Ahmadine in India, writes in their book “The Mystery of Health and Treatment.”

Andreas Moritz has published a self-healing method, which, regardless of age, is to solve the causes of the disease and keep the disease healthy, regardless of the ten alternative medical books, for example. He said that after restoring optimal balance and efficiency, the body can recover once it returns to its natural state.

She says that if you don’t have a disease, it’s an unrealistic dream to not treat symptoms, to take care of them, and to stay healthy.”

I’m sorry. You can also perform vitamins or new special medicine, surgery, or alternative medical treatments. So removing these bad factors is very naive. The body does not need to take sufficient nutrition, such as S, or take heavy loads. He said, “Hey, this isn’t it. “For more than two years, sports have spoken.” medispasedona com