If you keep your balance in a natural state, your illness will heal itself – 암보험 비교하는 사이트 추천

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“The Secrets of Health and Reconstruction,” a collection of health philosophies published by world-renowned medical expert Andreas Moritz, who studied the medicine of Ayubida, an ancient Indian natural healing philosophy, is a comprehensive medical textbook that incorporating lifelong research and clinical health benefits.

This book is persuasive to eliminate the root cause of the disease regardless of age. It’s a way to achieve sustainable and vibrant health. 암보험 비교하는 사이트 추천

In the book titled “Secret of Health and Healing,” the author thinks so. It is childish to quickly remove some vitamins, new special drugs, surgeries, and even bad molecules that have been neglected for many years for alternative medical treatment. Our bodies may not have received enough nutrition, or we may have to bear the burden of massive sleep and lack of exercise for several years.

“Symptoms of the disease cannot be the cause of disease. Therefore, simply eliminating the symptoms does not mean that the disease will be completely cured. The most effective way to deal with this disease is to remove all elements that interfere with the natural balance of the body or the restoration of the equilibrium state. It is an unrealistic dream to focus only on diseases and take care of your health,” he said.

△A collection of essays by Andreas Moritz (A) and Andreas Moritz, a natural healing expert in health and healing, and the secret method of clinicians.

The basic theme of this book is that finding health is not as difficult as you think. The author says that if the body is in the most natural condition, it will heal itself if it returns to the most balanced and efficient state. He stressed that if our attention is focused on restoring the mechanism responsible for maintaining health, our health will naturally recover.

The book emphasized that modern people should break away from the curse of modern medicine and grasp the present. the hard realities of medicine.

“Even if you see a doctor and get a prescription, you might think that his advice has been proved through extensive tests and scientific examinations. However, what has already become clear is that we believe in medical treatments such as science and certification, and scientific research to support their claims is widely used without any.

I stress that the various symptoms of our bodies are due to the natural healing reaction of humans. Because it is a natural process, the only way to try to eliminate these symptoms with medicine is to prevent the natural healing of the human body and delay the recovery of the normal body. 자동차보험 저렴한 곳

This book, divided into 15 pages in total, describes the most practical health is described in 952 pages. Included in themes, lifestyles, eating habits, nutrition, exercise, daily life, and sunlight, it comes from medicine in Ayuda.

“Other than Ayurvita’s proven secrets of healing and longevity, we can learn how to apply various very effective and deep purification programs that have mysterious effects on physical, mental, and mental well-being.”

In addition to strong, long-term, and self-healing methods, this book is a common cause and solution for diseases such as gum disease, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

“Many of the recommendations in this book are hopeful and very clear, providing a foundation for building and maintaining healthy bodies in the future. By cleaning the liver gallstones described in Chapter 7, hundreds of gallstones can be removed from these institutions within hours to solidify the foundation of perfect health.”

From healthy eating habits to the use of natural healing power, the book is full of books. good health information.

In fact, the book strongly demands that the current situation be resolved mainly by drugs and surgery. the blind faith in medicine. It is a warning that approaching metabolic diseases through medication or surgery, cutting the skin for a while, not a surgical treatment, can significantly hinder the natural healing power of humans, not fundamental healing. Modern people are trapped in the modern medical system. The necessary information is rich, and there is a sure way to break down the liver barrier, so you should use it as a reference. 암보험 가입하는곳

It’s a disease that’s defined in the book, and that’s what we usually call a disease.